The history and culture of the 'Great South Land' and it's Sovereign Tribal Nations.



altThis website is dedicated to revealing the truth regarding the ancient history of the continent now known as Australia, it's Original peoples of the Sovereign Tribal Nations, and their remarkable, sophisticated and enduring culture.

The use of the term 'Indigenous' has been deliberately avoided on this website. It has been correctly asserted by Elders and Law-keepers, that the term can be used to describe any person who has been born in Australia, consequently, the use of the term 'Indigenous Australian' can be utilised to diminish the status of peoples of the Sovereign Tribal Nations, regarding ownership of their land.

It should be noted that the term 'Aboriginal' is also contentious. Despite the fact that 'Aboriginal' is commonly used to refer to the first or oldest known 'native peoples', the true meaning of the word is 'not original', therefore many First Nation Australians prefer to be referred to as 'Original' peoples.

The purpose of this website, is to publish information, regarding the significance of the unique and irreplaceable cultures, knowledge, and ingenuity of the Sovereign Tribal Nations of ancient Australia, in an effort to educate the public, to the true history of the ancient continent now known as Australia, and the achievements of it's Sovereign Tribal peoples.

The true nature of Ancient Australia is unknown to most non-Aboriginal people, as sacred sites, ancient structures and evidence of the sophisticated culture of First Nations of Australia, has been deliberately destroyed and misrepresented since the arrival of the British Admiralty mission in 1770. British invaders dubbed Australia 'Terra Nullius' in order to justify their invasion of the land, despite the blatant evidence that The continent and the surrounding Islands were inhabited.

Researchers are publishing evidence which is changing the perceptions of non Aboriginal people, regarding the true nature of ancient Australia. This information has been known by First nation people as part of their culture and history, but has previously been largely ignored by 'non-Aboriginal Australia'. Bill Gammage, has utilised historical material to reveal the nature of the Australian physical landscape prior to 1788, and to provide a glimpse into the ingenuity of Australia's Aboriginal peoples, and the manner in which they designed and managed their environment and cared for Country as Law, before the invasion of 1788.1 Bruce Pascoe has illuminated the sophisticated agricultural nature of Original peoples before the British invasion, and the nature and construction of housing and clothing.2
New research, and information derived from the First Nation Peoples of the Great South Land, will continue to provide a window into the true nature of Ancient Australia.
This website has been constructed in conjunction with members of the Kabi Kabi Sovereign Tribes of the Gympie Region, who are working to protect their cultural heritage, and prevent the destruction of ancient and sacred sites.
1   Bill Gammage, The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia, (Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 2012).
2   Bruce Pascoe, Dark Emu, (Broome, Magabala Books, 2014).