The history and culture of the 'Great South Land' and it's Sovereign Tribal Nations.


Above: Remains of an upper 'terrace' stone wall at the Kabi ancient sacred healing site of Djaki Kundu, (Rocky Ridge in English), also known to some as 'The Gympie Pyramid', located on the outskirts of Gympie, on Kabi Bunya Djha, the Kabi portion of Bunya Country, referred to by Governor Gipps as 'The Bunya Districts' in the 'Bunya Proclamation' of 1842.


The ANCIENT AUSTRALIA website is created in conjunction with First Nation peoples, of the Original Sovereign Tribal Nations, owners and enduring custodians of the land that is now known as Australia. This website exists to reveal the true ancient history of the Australian continent and surrounding islands, and the remarkable peoples who existed on the lands, long before the great pyramids of Egypt were built. Despite more than 200 years of genocide, persecution and forced assimilation, the peoples of the many Sovereign Tribal Nations of Australia, and their amazing, successful and sophisticated cultures, still endure today. 

The First Nation peoples of the continent and it's islands now known as Australia are widely recognised as possessing the oldest living culture in the world. Researchers such as Duane Hamacher, have recognised that stone arrangements and oral traditions convey detailed astronomical knowledge. Bill Gammage has shown that records from the early colonisers portray the land was maintained in an orderly manner, having in many respects the resemblance of an English gentleman's estate. Bruce Pascoe has gathered evidence to prove that the first inhabitants of the Great South Land, were the first agriculturalists. The world is waking up to the fact that the Tribes who were invaded by the British subsequent to the Voyage of Captain Cook were not merely hunter gatherers, but possessed a complex agricultural civilisation with permanent villages, an organised system of law, and important astronomical spiritual and religious centres.

Scientists and academics still debate the age of the occupation of the Australian continent, however Elders of the Sovereign Tribal Nations have inherited the knowledge that they did not come from Africa or anywhere else, but have existed on the Australian continent 'since the beginning'.  

It is hoped this website will assist in educating the world about the true history of ancient Australia, and will encourage support to help prevent the destruction of ancient and sacred sites and stop the policies of genocide, which still sadly continue to this day.

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